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Kool Park Pool

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Fiberglass Slide
Diving Board
High Dive and Low Dive
15ft. Diving Tower

• 90 foot fiberglass slide
• Three diving boards ranging from 3 foot to 12 foot
• A 15 foot diving "Tower"
• Water depth: 18 inches to 15 feet
• Approximately 100 picnic tables
• Dozens of wooden benches for sunbathing
• Plenty of shaded area for various activities
• A modern concession stand
• Game room



Q. Has the Tower ever been lowered?
A. No - Same as from day one.

Q. Can I bring a cooler?
A. Yes - With the exception of no glass and alcohol.

Q. Will coolers be checked?
A. Yes - All coolers get checked.

Q. How long has the pool been here?
A. Kool Park first Opened in 1935

Q. Was the pool always this size?
A. No, in the early 60s the pool was 120’ by 85’.

Q. Do we always have lifeguards on duty?
A. Yes

Q. Do we clear the pool so lifeguards can take breaks?
A. No

Q. Do we give rainchecks?
A. No

Q. Is there a additional fee for the waterslide?
A. No, it is included.

Q. Do I have to have a mat to go down the waterslide?
A. No

Q. When I pay how long can I stay?
A. All day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Q. If I want to come and just watch my children swim do I pay?
A. Yes, everyone who comes thru the gate must pay.

Q. Are there group discounts and how many people do we have to have?
A. Yes, Monday thru Friday and you must have 25 people in a group before discount applies.

Q. What is considered a Group?
A. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth, Daycares, Baseball teams, Cheerleaders, etc...

Q. Any group discounts on the weekends?
A. No

Q. Do we accept credit cards or checks?
A. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards. In rare cases we do take checks but this is usually for groups only. (call for approval of use before arriving).

Q. Do we do Birthday parties?
A. Yes, we only provide the pool.

Q Can we decorate for parties?
A. Yes you may.

Q. Can we set up games in the picnic area?
A. Yes

Q. After Checking in can we leave for lunch and come back?
A. No, this privilege is for season ticket holders only.

Q. Can we bring our own floation deviecs?
A. Yes



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